George Soros And The Democracy Alliance Lead The Resistance Against Republican Power

The growth of the influence afforded to major political donors in the U.S. in the 21st century is something not every person in the world believes is a good or democratic aspect of American society. One of the major donors to the Democratic Party, George Soros, recently raised eyebrows when he provided the End Citizens United PAC with the largest possible financial donation of $50,000. Citizens United is the 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed wealthy donors across the U.S. to provide almost unlimited donations to the political party or candidate of their choice; despite committing an estimated $27 million to the 2004 Presidential election and a further $25 million to the 2016 ballot, George Soros has often claimed to feel uncomfortable about the level of influence he is afforded by his vast wealth. In fact, Politico explains Soros felt so uncomfortable with his role as a major donor to the Democratic Party he largely sat out the 2008 and 2012 elections seasons.

George Soros did assist in forming this group, but has largely avoided appearing at the events organized for the group that became known as the Democracy Alliance; this group of major donors often comes together and meets with top political figures in the Democratic Party and others with reasons to be involved with the inner workings of the party. In his work as a philanthropic and political donor the major cause taken up by George Soros in the U.S. has been the protection of the rights of individuals and the need to reform a criminal justice system Soros and his advisors believe has been subverted in a racist and economic way. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

After making a major political donation to the Clinton campaign in 2016 George Soros was quick to spot the power vacuum that was becoming the norm at the top of the Democratic Party with the stepping aside of Hillary Clinton. Politico reports George Soros has been looking to work ever more closely with the Democracy Alliance in a bid to build pressure on President Donald Trump and his Administration from the very first day they took occupancy of The White House. Soros believes the work of the Democracy Alliance has become ever more important and Soros went so far as to change his own schedule and attend a Democracy Alliance event in the days after the election. George Soros has been instrumental in the growing calls among Democrats to look to grassroots candidates at the 2018 midterm elections where the party agrees with George Soros that the first steps to regaining control of Washington can be taken. Read more at Washington Times about George Soros.

Handle Your Hair With Care

One of the trendy secrets to having clean, healthy, beautiful hair is don’t use shampoo. Cleansing conditioners are the new way to go. Many shampoos on the market contain harsh chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils that help protect it, resulting in dry, frizzy, dull hair. So, to keep your hair hydrated and to ensure it maintains a shiny glow, finding the right cleansing conditioner is paramount.

What makes cleansing conditioners popular is that they don’t contain sodium laureth sulfate or other similar substances. According to Women’s Health Magazine, “Sulfates are detergents and they are extremely good at what they do.” However, is it really logical to use a product on your hair that is also used to wash your clothes, clean your toilet bowel, or scrub your kitchen floor? Since cleansing conditioners don’t contain sulfates you won’t experience the normal bubbly lather that shampoo provides but your hair is still being cleaned the safer way.

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There is a variety of brands that produce cleansing conditioners, but one of the best is Wen Hair by Chaz. Wen by Chaz is a proven product that is backed by well known faces like Brooke Shields. Its cleanser replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner and puts it all in one, with a wide variety of therapeutic smells from spring honey lilac to sweet almond mint. Wen’s ingredients not only cleans your hair, but nourishes it, leaving it moisturized and full of body.

You can buy WEN products on

Hussain Sajwani Deserves All the Encomiums for His Feats with DAMAC and Others

Hussain Sajwani is not the type of founder that leaves the running of his or her companies to management teams exclusively. He understands the every day workings of all his companies.

He never ventured into an industry without having in-depth knowledge of how things work there. This is one reason behind the outstanding feats of his firms.

Many who have had the opportunity of working closely with Hussain Sajwani agree to the fact that he is simply a born-entrepreneur. Some of the policies behind the successes of his companies are not in any books; they are absolutely his making. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

It came as no surprise when the current United States Presidents described him as an amazing person. Trump must have been impressed after examining the masterpiece golf courses developed by DAMAC, a company Hussain Sajwani founded in 2002. This company has grown to become the largest property development firm in the entire Middle East.

DAMAC has a culture of maintaining high quality standards in the execution of its numerous projects across the Middle East, Africa and beyond. Some of the key cities with DAMAC completed projects include, but not limited to, London, Dubai, Jeddah, Dubai, Dhabi, Amman, Riyadh, Abu, Beirut and Doha.

The amazing feats Hussain Sajwani achieved with DAMAC are nothing new. His catering venture, the first among all his companies, recorded feats close to that of DAMAC. Sajwani was not born into a wealthy family, so he had to start building from the scratch.

The father was only a middle class Dubai worker with 5 children and a wife to cater for. Few years after setting up the catering company, the firm became a pacesetter in the industry serving on daily basis about 200,000 meals with hundreds ongoing additional projects in several countries.

Today Hussain Sajwani family is one of the richest in the whole Middles East running a number of charity foundations to help youths and underprivileged people. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

It was in the news, the recent AED two million donated by the DAMAC owner to help in the clothing of poor children. Other Hussain Sajwani’s companies include Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co., DICO Investments, Al Jazeira Services, and Amana Building Materials.

Hussain Sajwan- The Middle East Real Estate Titan

Hussain Sajwani is a UAE local who founded global property development company DAMAC Properties and still remains to be the primary Damac owner. He is an alumnus of University of Washington whose career commenced as a contract manager in GASCO which is a subordinate of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

He ventured into his own business after some time and in the year 1982 he founded his own catering venture. His success reflects in the formidable Hussain Sajwani family.

Hussain Sajwan was also one of the developers of the property market expansion in Dubai. He created several accommodation facilities for people entering the emirates to do either trade or business.

By 2002, He became familiar with market opportunity and in turn established DAMAC propertries which today is considered to be one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East.

DAMAC Properties is involved in all aspects of property building like residential, leisure, and commercial properties in Dubai and the Middle East.

The food business is a major part of DAMAC Group operations as it serves both as a reminder of Hussain Sajwani initial business expertise and of his ability to refine important friends in high places on an international scale. He is utilizing his great skills again as DAMAC prepares to use the recovery in UAE property prices to their advantage.

Hussain Sajwani perfomed a charitable act by handing two million to a campaign to clothe a million deprived children around the world. This Ramadan initiative was pioneered by the vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. He made this contribution as part of the company’s tradition to support the Dubai government’s efforts to enhance the standard of living around the globe.

Hussein Sajwani intends on enhancing his business by forming a business relationship with Donald Trump’s real estate firm, the Trump Organization. The two have previously collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club, where they racked up approximately $2 billion from exquisite villas in sales.

Hussain Sajwani says that his involvement with the Trumps exceeds just the president to daughter Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald Jr. He believes that through their guidance, he will have no problem when expanding, growing or maintaining their business relationship.

The Team Behind EOS Picked the Right Product to Renovate

When businesses entrepreneurs Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra teamed up with Craig Dubitsky to start a new company, they did not have a specific industry or product in mind. It wasn’t until these three innovators walked through the health and beauty aisles of their local stores that they discovered the ideal candidate for a renovation. What drew this team’s attention was the lack of change in the current varieties of lip balms. While these lip balms were top sellers for their brands, they basically had not changed since they were first created more than one hundred years ago.

Once the team had their product idea they established their company, which they called Evolution of Smooth. Although co-founder Craig Dubitsky chose to leave the company before its product line launched, the remaining two co-founders carved out a new path for marketing their product. With a background in consumer goods, Sanjiv Mehra used his skills to target the younger generation. The team at EOS lip balm accomplished this by making every aspect of their product appealing to the various senses people use. Not only did they offer their lip balm on Amazon in a wide assortment of flavors and colors, they also changed the look of the container itself.

The marketing strategies the team at EOS used included online campaigns aimed at social media websites. They focused their efforts on conveying the message that their product was both fun and practical. They also decided to use natural ingredients in the creation of their balm so they could make it more appealing to people who were more conscientious about using organic products. The renovation Evolution of Smooth did to their lip balm line definitely drew interest from the Facebook active millennial generation. As a company projected to bring in more than two billion dollars by the year 2020, the team behind its success definitely picked the right market.

Prevention and Solution of Crime through Technology- Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Give Their Take

In a recent press release released by Securus Technologies, the company published for the first time a cross section of comments from some of the past clients and customers who have used their products and facility. The comments published centered on the use and effectiveness of employing technology in the prevention and solve crimes, particularly crimes involving inmates incarcerated in various facilities across the country.

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice solutions for both private and government entities within Texas and the surrounding states. Their products, services and facilities are designed to assist in the improvement of public safety by enhancing the investigation, correction and monitoring procedures within the justice system.

Most of the comments published by the Dallas based company revolved around the use of technology within the criminal justice system and specifically within correctional facilities. Although I have personally never been incarcerated before, most of the comments that I came across in the publication lead me to believe that technology has indeed had a positive influence on the correction system.

One contributor in particular lauded Securus Technologies’ facilities for having been able to improve the monitoring of clients. In his words, they have been able to closely monitor inmate to inmate conversations through which they obtained invaluable information regarding pertinent issues such as alcohol use, drug trade and abuse, illegal money transfers and even potential security threats. Another contributor also published in the same press release continues to add that, with this kind of information, they have been able as an agency to take significant proactive measures that deter the incidence of contraband inside their facilities.

It is also interesting to note that most of the customers whose comments were published appear to be customers that have been working with Securus Technologies for a long time- some for more than a decade.


A Rebellion for the Ages


With so many popular anime shows out there sometimes its hard to find one that really stands out among the greats. Code Geass: Lelouche of Rebellion is one such title. I’ve often described it as the intense action of Gundam with the mind bending complexity of Death Note. With amazing characters and almost no filler episodes as you see in mainstream titles such as Bleach or Naruto. This anime delves right into the heart of the action and conflict that many anime fans have come to expect and deserve.


The protagonist, a young man named Lelouche Lamperouge, sets out on a quest to crush the world’s foremost super power, The Holy Britannian Empire, with a power bestowed upon him by the mysterious C.C.. Our hero employs his extraordinary ability for strategy coupled with a ragtag team of former Japanese citizens, now known as elevens, and of course many unique and brilliantly designed mechs called Nightmare Frames. Lelouche plunges the world into a state of chaos and war in order to fulfill his ultimate goal of obliterating Britannia.


If you enjoy the excitement of mecha anime shows such as Gundam and the unrivaled intellect and strategy that accompanied Light Yagami in Death Note, then check out this amazing anime from Sunrise Inc.; Code Geass: Lelouche of Rebellion. You won’t be disappointed.

How Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Created A Fashion Empire

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the co-founders of the very successful company, JustFab. As a team they know how to grow businesses and develop innovative brands. Together, the pair has experienced startup success that has yet to be seen in the industry.

After selling his first company to Intermix Media in 1999, Adam Goldenberg became the company’s Vice President of Strategic Planning. It was here that he would meet Don Ressler, shortly after becoming the youngest Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company on Brandettes. Don Ressler also joined the Intermix Media team after selling his own company, in 2001.

The pair brought Intermix Media unrivaled success and became fast friends. When the company was acquired by News Corp. In 2005, they decided it would be best to branch out on their own and start their very own company at Only a year later in 2006, the duo founded Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce brand that would quickly produce numerous market-leading health and beauty brands.

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After the company’s fast success, Adam and Don Ressler began to visualize an online concept that would create a personalized shopping experience for consumers. They saw an idea of merging social interaction with fashion at an affordable price. The potential was there; an untapped opportunity awaited their leadership. They began the expansion of Intelligent Beauty, creating JustFab, a community of “members” that could receive selections of handbags, accessories, and shoes that were tailored to their personalized taste for a flat fee paid on a monthly basis.

JustFab wasn’t just a fashion site that shipped out items every month. Each member received a personalized experience from JustFab, with style boards, demonstrations, and tips. The company on allowed them to receive professional tips from the industry’s leaders and an opportunity to connect with each other.

The duo could admit that they were not fashion experts. They were intelligent enough however to hire those experts to head the company. Kimora Lee Simmons entered the team as its President and Creative Director. Kimora could lead the way into fashion success, and she did. JustFab is now a multi-million dollar company with millions of customers from all over the world, constantly expanding.

Arthur Becker Shares His Advice for Reaching Financial Success

Arthur Becker Is a Member of Madison Partners, LLC. The company focuses on investment in real estate and early-stage biotech ventures. Becker was formerly the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, a digital newsstand. He was formerly the CEO of NaviSite that provided Internet technology services, Internet hosting and co-location to companies in the UK and the US. Becker was also a senior advisor to be Vera Wang’s fashion company.

Arthur Becker claims that during his tenure at NaviSite and later at Zinio, he developed his interest in both technology and real estate. After selling NaviSite to Time Warner in 2011, Becker decided to get involved in real estate investing in condominium developments in New York City and Miami. He became aware of the many opportunities in the biotechnology sector that provide economic opportunities and potential to help others. Becker claims to be especially intrigued by a number of developments in biotechnology, related to cancer treatment.

Becker claims to have tried many businesses over the years, and he’s failed numerous attempts. However, he claims to have learned a lot from his failures, mainly how to avoid similar failures going forward. In the companies he has been successful with it seems that the chemistry between managers is critical to the operating of a business. This cooperative spirit between managers within a company is what he attributes his major successes to. He recommends that people looking for entrepreneurial success listen to colleagues and to the marketplace, and be flexible.

According to crunchbase, Arthur Becker has been the founder and managing partner of several companies specializing in investments in technology. One company, Advance Partners LLC, provided financial advice to Cendent Corporation and Global Switch, both of which are located in the United Kingdom. They also were consultants for empower a provider of technology services to the government in London.

Many real estate investors have tried to follow the successful route that Arthur Becker has taken. He has had exceptional success and offers advice to those who are interested in following in his footsteps. Many of his interviews and Linked In shared articles center around helping others understand how he reached success.


Dick DeVos: Sheds Light on their Philanthropy Work

Dick and Betsy DeVos have garnered a lot of attention lately especially because of Betsy position in the Trump administration. Following her nomination to the post of the Secretary of Education, it was mandatory for her to reveal her philanthropy work before she was confirmed.


The couple decided to reveal their contributions before the vetting. Most critics criticized the move saying that it was a ploy to divert the attention of the public away from their contributions. Now, whether it was a trick or not: revealing their charitable contributions showed their support for transparency.


According to a report that was published on their website, the couple has contributed over $139 million in the course of their lifetime. In 2015, they had contributed $11.3 million towards different causes. Most of their contributions are for the education sector. The couple is passionate about the education system. 26% of the $11.5 million was given towards the education sector. In addition, their foundation contributed $357,000 towards the education reforms. Dick DeVos said that their contributions reflect their priority on education.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is a businessman who has engaged in different projects. Despite coming from a wealthy family, he has managed to build his career on his own. He made a name for himself by working for Amway. Amway is a multi-level marketing Company that sells a variety of products on beauty, health and homecare products.


Dick later became the Vice President of the Company in 1984. He was in charge of overseeing the operations of the 18 offices of the Company based outside North America.


He served as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Orlando Magic Company. Dick later resigned in 1991 and rejoined the Amway as its President. He succeeded his Father who was the co-founder of Amway.


He managed to lead the Company to great success. They expanded into other countries. In total, there were 50 offices on the six continents. By the time he was living the Company, the sales had increased to $4.5 billion. In 2005, he became part owner of Orlando Magic this was after his father divided the shares among his children.


Together with his wife, they founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Through their foundation, they have made different contributions. They opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This was the nation’s first aviation high school.


They also established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship in 2008. The scholarship supports students pursuing MA, MBA, and MS. They also support students from developing countries.


Dick received his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University.