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A Rebellion for the Ages


With so many popular anime shows out there sometimes its hard to find one that really stands out among the greats. Code Geass: Lelouche of Rebellion is one such title. I’ve often described it as the intense action of Gundam with the mind bending complexity of Death Note. With amazing characters and almost no filler episodes as you see in mainstream titles such as Bleach or Naruto. This anime delves right into the heart of the action and conflict that many anime fans have come to expect and deserve.


The protagonist, a young man named Lelouche Lamperouge, sets out on a quest to crush the world’s foremost super power, The Holy Britannian Empire, with a power bestowed upon him by the mysterious C.C.. Our hero employs his extraordinary ability for strategy coupled with a ragtag team of former Japanese citizens, now known as elevens, and of course many unique and brilliantly designed mechs called Nightmare Frames. Lelouche plunges the world into a state of chaos and war in order to fulfill his ultimate goal of obliterating Britannia.


If you enjoy the excitement of mecha anime shows such as Gundam and the unrivaled intellect and strategy that accompanied Light Yagami in Death Note, then check out this amazing anime from Sunrise Inc.; Code Geass: Lelouche of Rebellion. You won’t be disappointed.