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Securus Technologies adapts battlefield tech to fight prison crime

The United States has cost U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars in the lives of many soldiers, on both sides, in its wars throughout the Middle East. These highly controversial conflicts have added to the national debt, killed thousands of innocent people and greatly diminished the United States’ stature throughout the world.


However, there are been some good things in it come from the U.S. army involvement in the urban battlefield of Afghanistan and Iraq. One of these has been the technology known as Stingray, a system that is able to locate any cellular device within a given area. The system is also capable of spoofing cell towers, making individuals communicating on local cellular devices believe that they’re actually talking to the person they’ve called when in fact they’re only talking to the operator using the Stingray system.


This system was used to great effect on the urban battlefield of the Middle East, allowing for the United States army to gain a significant edge in its fight against terrorists. Now, one of the most innovative prison communication providers in the United States has adopted this technology for use in the nation’s carceral facilities. Securus Technologies has developed its own version of the Stingray system, which is capable of detecting any illicit cellular devices within a prison, eliminating one of the most potent ways in which prison gangs ply their illegal and dangerous trades.


Illegal cell phones are one of the most serious threats to institutional order. Gang leaders or shot callers use these devices in furtherance of criminal conspiracies, include smuggling contraband within the facility, ordering rival gang members to be beat up or even killed and even the perpetration of murders for hire on the outside of prison.


With Securus’ Stingray technology, these dangerous prison leaders are no longer able to easily communicate with the outside world.


The Journey that Securus Technologies Have taken to be Market Leaders in their Niche

Many issues have dogged the correctional facilities systems in the country for the past few decades. As a matter of fact, there was a time when communicating with a loved one who had been incarcerated was close to impossible. Even when the facility was from the state, families still found themselves spending up to $14 a minute to stay in communication with their loved ones. To make things even more complicated was the rampant insecurity that was present from inside the system. Cases of stabbings, killings and other crimes were the norm. This is the type of environment where Securus started their company. Five years down the line, they are trusted by more than 20,000 correctional facilities, and they have completely transformed the manner in which business is carried out in there.


The company provides correctional, monitoring, public safety and general communication technologies to firms that need it. They have invested in some of the best technological solutions to monitor what goes on both inside the correctional facilities and also outside in different work environments. Their goal is to make sure that their clients are alerted about criminal activities before they occur and that in case crimes do happen, they are in a position to provide evidence that could lead to prosecution.


Clients who have used the services provided by Securus have in the past given testimonials about the quality of the service they received. There is one who states that they were having an issue at work where one of their co-workers was being suspected of illegal activities such as the introduction of contraband. With the help of the audio and video monitoring devices that are offered by Securus the person was apprehended and even arraigned in court. Another success story is that of a correctional facility where some inmates had been planning to smuggle weapons, mobile phones and stage an attack. With the help of Securus, they were able to capture the conversations and thwart the crimes even before they happened.


The number of clients who have expressed total satisfaction with the services offered by Securus is countless. They believe that with the provision of superior quality services and if they continue their trend in minding the satisfaction of their customers by the addition of innovative products whenever the market needs them. These are the steps that will take the company to the highest levels of success in their niche.



Prevention and Solution of Crime through Technology- Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Give Their Take

In a recent press release released by Securus Technologies, the company published for the first time a cross section of comments from some of the past clients and customers who have used their products and facility. The comments published centered on the use and effectiveness of employing technology in the prevention and solve crimes, particularly crimes involving inmates incarcerated in various facilities across the country.

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice solutions for both private and government entities within Texas and the surrounding states. Their products, services and facilities are designed to assist in the improvement of public safety by enhancing the investigation, correction and monitoring procedures within the justice system.

Most of the comments published by the Dallas based company revolved around the use of technology within the criminal justice system and specifically within correctional facilities. Although I have personally never been incarcerated before, most of the comments that I came across in the publication lead me to believe that technology has indeed had a positive influence on the correction system.

One contributor in particular lauded Securus Technologies’ facilities for having been able to improve the monitoring of clients. In his words, they have been able to closely monitor inmate to inmate conversations through which they obtained invaluable information regarding pertinent issues such as alcohol use, drug trade and abuse, illegal money transfers and even potential security threats. Another contributor also published in the same press release continues to add that, with this kind of information, they have been able as an agency to take significant proactive measures that deter the incidence of contraband inside their facilities.

It is also interesting to note that most of the customers whose comments were published appear to be customers that have been working with Securus Technologies for a long time- some for more than a decade.