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The Profile of Rocketship Education in Calif

Rocketship is a group of schools in San Jose. It contains the prep K-5 charter and the public K-5 college schools. The school began in 2006 in Calif. By 2012, Rocketship had opened five branches of their school that operated in San Jose. Each school had 450 students who were attending to their studies.

Almost ninety per cent of the students in Rocketship School do not pay for their lunch; the school gives them free food during lunchtime. More than seventy per cent of the students can speak English fluently as their second language.

However, the school management believes that, every child in the school should get the best education, every pupil has the potentiality of attending a fourth-year college, and that the road leading every learner to college begins at the kindergarten.

The school believes in the infinite possibility of the learner’s potential. They think that their learners have the right to dream, discover and grow their exceptional potentials. Rocketship has the duty of unleashing the potentiality in every learner.

The non-profitable group of schools propels the learner’s achievement, develops exceptional teachers, and works together with parents who help the group of schools be ranked among the best in the community.

The schools convey much transparency in their work by assessing how they are developing and learning with a lot of humility and honesty. The schools work together with the community as they try to achieve the best from their learners as well as give back to the community.

Most people define Rocketship as one of the most applauded groups of schools in the nation. However, the school is seen as an advanced model of merged learning. Other competing schools may not fall in the same category as Rocketship group of schools.

One cannot compare Rocketship group of schools with other Academies or group of schools in the nation since Rocketship advocate for strong discipline to its learners, more school hours, high pressure, and some formalized classroom etiquettes. For other groups of schools within the country, the practices have come with many inspections.