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Doe Deere: The Beauty Blogger Turned Makeup Entrepreneur

Doe Deere might be dubbed as the Unicorn Queen of makeup, but there is more to her than just a pretty face. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, the cult beauty favorite that has taken the makeup industry by storm. As someone who came to the United States when she was still a teenager, Doe Deere has come a long way to become the beauty moughal that she is today.



Doe Deere was born in Russia and has always been an incredibly creative person. She first came to New York to pursue her music but also decided to study fashion design at the same time. With bold looks and bright ideas, Doe Deere started turning heads early on. Her first venture as an entrepreneur was when she started making and selling clothing through eBay. During this time, Doe Deere also wanted to produce makeup that would go along with the clothing that she made. She always loved bright colors, and back then, the options for makeup were rather limited. Doe Deere decided to capitalize on this opportunity and start making makeup, unlike anything that was done before.



When it came to marketing her brand, Doe Deere decided to turn to the online sphere. Having experience with online selling through her clothing brand, she decided to do the same for her makeup. To market the products, she tried an approach which is now being used more than ever – which was beauty blogging. She would make videos and blogs of her using her own products and creating looks that would draw attention. She started steadily building her fan base and suddenly become one of the most well-known beauty bloggers. Her fan base, being loyal to her, would buy the products, which lead to the brand making massive sales.



Doe Deere was one of the first brands to properly implement social media marketing via Instagram. When the app was released, Lime Crime took this as an opportunity to create a new trend of social media influencers that improved the brand visibility and also the customer base.



One of the reasons why Lime Crime has grown into such a massive brand is because of the values and ideas that it stands for. Through Lime Crime, Doe Deere wanted to give women all over the ability to express themselves and wear their makeup in a way that is unique to only them. The brand also believes in being entirely cruelty-free and is entirely vegan, which is rare for products today on the market. By creating a brand that resonated with her believes, Doe Deere was able to give people all over the world a chance to indulge in a brand that they could feel good about.



Today, Lime Crime has billions of customers all over the world and is considered to be one of the most loved makeup brands. Doe Deere has expanded the line of makeup that they sell extensively, and now not only sells makeup but hair products as well.


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