Month: February 2017

Bruce Levenson Moves To A Difference Court Over Contract Dispute

Bruce Levenson is probably best known as the face of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise for more than a decade after he was part of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment consortium that purchased the team in 2004; UCG founder Bruce Levenson took the Hawks on a rise that is one of the most famous in basketball from the very bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed at the start of the 2015 playoffs.

The 2015 playoffs proved to be the close of the ownership of Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members, but the fallout caused by the actions and comments of general manager Danny Ferry have continued for over a year after the sale of the franchise to billionaire Tony Ressler was completed. Levenson and his legal team have now filed papers against insurance giant AIG in a bid to bring to a close a claim made against a workplace policy held at the time by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment consortium.

The current owners of the Hawks have stated they are aware of the legal case, but will not be taking part in any legal proceedings. The legal team representing Bruce Levenson and his fellow former owners of the Hawks have explained a payout was agreed at one time between AIG and the former ownership group. The failure of AIG to make contact with Bruce Levenson or his legal team since the July 2015 sale of the Hawks has now resulted in a legal claim being filed by the former owners.

According to PR News, Bruce Levenson has recently been an active member of a number of groups, including the Kennedy Center for the Arts; Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen acted as the co-chair for a fundraising ball benefiting the Anti-Defamation League soon after the sale of the NBA franchise was completed.