Dr. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade Enviable Automotive Yard

The CAOA has enjoyed mega automobile dealership in Brazil to become the industry’s lead. It has worked with various brands, marketed and imported their products, and made billion worth sales on their behalf. In 1979, the Ford Dealership of Campina Grande announced a public offer that Dr. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade engaged in. this did not come smooth sailing as the company shortly after was declared bankrupt but Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade was keen on not being passed down that responsibility.

This was the first automobile business deal that led to the registration of CAOA Company derived from Dr. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade initials. Committed to seeing his business grow, he got actively involved in the management and six years later, the company was named as the largest Ford Dealer in Brazil. In 1992, another prime opportunity with Renault opened up where CAOA was legally allowed to import Renault cars exclusively. In the same year, the company ranked first in imported cars sales. However, this pact ended.

CAOA found another venture partnering with the Subaru company in Japan. The sales from the imported Subaru cars tripled in a year’s time. Dr. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade began negotiating with the Hyundai, South Korean company and eventually signed a deal. The Hyundai Tucson Model car was introduced in the Brazilian Market. the CAOA continued to enjoy mega sales and profits then after.

A groundbreaking thing happened in 2007, when Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade was able to establish and launch an automaker plant in Goias, Brazil. As per istoedinheiro.com.br, it was much acclaimed being the first Hyundai plant in Brazil. The company has then heavily been involved in vehicle assembling and production. It has also established the Center for Research and Energy Efficiency in Annapolis.

About Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade is professionally trained as a physician. However, he is also an entrepreneur and a businessman, the founder of CAOA automobile company. He has worked hard to become a phenomenal person who has wheeled the industry significantly. His work has been recognized and he has been honored for the same. CAOA toady manufactures the Tucson SUVs model cars, iX35, HR, and HD80 trucks.

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Media Commentator, Academic & Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

Jennifer Walden, M.D., has become a gamechanger in the world of medical aesthetics. This field brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis, and it’s one of the most exciting fields to work in. Dr. Walden does a wonderful job of representing the field. This woman has seen it all as well as done it all, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She obtained her fellowship in aesthetic surgery from New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Cosmetic surgery of the nose, breast and face is her specialty. Dr. Walden has worked beside some of the most influential figures in the game, including Dr. Tom Baker, Dr. Sherrell Aston and Dr. James Stuzin. In 1998, she was honored with the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award. Also in 1998, she was honored with the Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award. To know more about her click here.

While growing up in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Austin, Walden participated in sports. Soccer was her main sport, and she was well-accomplished during this time. She could have easily pursued a career in soccer, but her heart was set on becoming a plastic surgeon. Of course, she made the right choice, and this profession has created a fulfilling life. Dr. Walden’s excellence in this field has opened other doors such as being a consultant for numerous medical-aesthetic companies, including Venus Concept, SmartGraft and Ideal Impact. In addition to that, Dr. Walden is now a spokeswoman for the prominent Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit.

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Robert Ivy Shares The Reasons Why You Should Join A Professional Organization

Are you a young professional looking to advance to the industry’s top tier? If yes, Robert Ivy, an accomplished architect claims that joining a professional organization would help you improve your career.

Different from job boards that help you advance your workplace efficiency, professional groups help you grow from a junior level to a successful professional. How? Ensuing are the different ways in which the organizations can nurture your career.

1. They position you as a credible professional
According to Robert Ivy, a skilled architect, belonging to the relevant professional association is an excellent way to improve your credibility, as well as position yourself as a committed expert. Most hiring managers prefer candidates who belong to a professional association to those who don’t.

2. Professional associations hone your career skills
Many professional associations have a collection of current data, journals, and other learning materials that would enhance your career skills. Other associations cooperate with seasoned researchers to replenish the library with new information day in day out.

Robert Ivy states that educational resources are critical for young professionals, as well as researchers who wish to hone their career skills.

3. Professional organizations offer an excellent networking platform
Have you been looking for an efficient way to connect with peers or potential employers? If yes, joining a professional organization would present you with the opportunity to meet and share with likeminded people.

Robert Ivy says that the professional societies organize annual conferences and job fairs that connect potential employers to prospective employees.

4. They increase the possibility of landing on your dream job
The networking opportunity provided by professional organizations helps job seekers and employers to develop strong relationships that may lead to work relationships. Into the bargain, some professional associations offer career assistance to its members, and they connect them to reputable job boards.

A Brief Biography of Robert Ivy
Mr. Ivy is an accomplished architecture, manager, and publisher. At present, he serves the American Institute of Architects as CEO. Previously, Mr. Ivy worked as an editor at Dean & Ivy publications, McGraw-Hill Construction Media, and Architectural Record. The American Business Media honored him with the Crain Award for his exemplary editorial prowess.

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Jennifer Walden: Plastic Surgeon, Media personality & Mogul

Female empowerment is at an all-time high as many females have worked their way up the food chain, especially when it comes to employment. In the medical field, Jennifer Walden has garnered plenty of attention because she has brought so much to the field of cosmetic surgery. Jennifer Walden is one of the most successful doctors in the state of Texas. She has worked with some of the industry’s best, and she has worked at some of the most prestigious institutes in the US. “I know that I’m a rarity because there are many female surgeons in the particular industry,” said Walden. Cosmetic surgery is definitely a male-dominated field, and Walden only represents a small percentage of female surgeons.

Dr. Walden’s success was no fluke. This woman has studied and trained for the vast majority of her adult life. All of this hard work has certainly paid off over the past few years. Dr. Walden has appeared on a variety of television shows such as “Plastic Surgery Obsession,” “Dr. 90210,” “The Today Show” and “The Best & Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories.” In addition to that, she has provided medical commentary for Fox News and for ABC News. This woman is at the pinnacle of the industry because she’s at the top of her game.

“I have to prove myself year in and year out, but I’m fine with that,” said Walden. She has been practicing in this field for under 20 years, but she has accomplished more than the average plastic surgeon. Walden has played a critical role in bringing back silicone-breast implants, and she was one of the first surgeons to use laser machines. All in all, Dr. Jennifer Walden has many more accreditations, but that’s a story for another day.


David McDonald Supports Sheldon Lavin In Managing OSI Group

One of the main factors that have contributed to the growth of the OSI Group, then it is the leadership. The top managers of the company have a passion for making this company great. They have shown that they want to make the company the best food production company in history. They work is seen through the achievements that the company has done so far. OSI Group is among the top businesses in the United States. It is ranked at number 58 among the biggest companies in the country. Its net worth is over $6 billion. This alone is an indication of the kind of business we are talking about.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. He is assisted in the management of the company by COO David McDonald. The two leaders are the reason this company is breaking all barriers. The leaders have a combined experience of over seven decades. With such experience, it is clear that this company cannot suffer from mismanagement. Sheldon Lavin has been with this company for the past four decades while David McDonald has been with it for the past three decades. The leadership of these two have seen the company grow from a little-known food production company, to now the leading food company in the world.

OSI Group is leading to all the continents. David McDonald as COO is in charge of all operations in the company. His role in the international expansion of the business has been a key issue. He has transformed the company into a leading company by ensuring that the international expansion operations are carried in the correct manner. David McDonald is in charge of activities in the foreign countries. He has made sure that all the acquisitions that the company is making are for the benefit of OSI Group. He has played a crucial role in expanding the operations of the company in Europe and Asia.

David McDonald is experienced in food supply business. He previously worked with other organization which dealt with the supply chain business and therefore he is knowledgeable on the directions to take the company before he worked for OSI as project manager. His expertise has complemented the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who introduced the expansion plan. McDonald shares the aspiration of the CEO, and his mission is to see him accomplish the objectives he has set out to meet before he leaves the company now that he is in his twilight years.

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Gareth Henry: an Accomplished Business Executive

Gareth Henry, a certified UK and US actuary, is a well-known management executive in the American investment playground. Having acquired a bachelor degree in Actuarial Mathematics from Herriot Watts University, he has employed his acquired skills for a more significant margin of gain in the business world. He has worked in a number of reputable companies where he made a great accomplishment in his job.

In 2016, Gareth Henry joined Angelo, Gordon & Co., a New York based investment firm as a Managing Director, partner and Global Head of Investor Relations. He has shown unmatched dedication, and delivered exceptional performance on behalf of his investors. By all means, Henry has excellently managed his work. With his outstanding experience, he is unquestionably a valuable asset to Angelo, Gordon & Co. He takes immense delight in using his scientific scrutiny and skills in calculating the risks involved in any of his operations to provide workable and flexible investment solutions. He has engaged his cutting edge in the investment arena by creating exciting client services that has led to his fame as a global investment manager.

Gareth Henry has had a great journey along his career path. Immediately after graduation, he joined Schroder Investment Management Limited where he served as the Director of Strategic Solutions. Schroder is a UK based global investment company famous for its client oriented investment solutions. He also served as a product manager in the multi asset class group. His work at the firm was excellent based on the flexibility of its operation and the great client based service he provided. In addition, Mr. Henry was an Investment Manager at SEI Investments Co., and an Analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP

Later on, Gareth Henry left the firm and moved to the USA where he started to work for Fortress Investment group in the marketing department. He oversaw all sales, marketing and client services. He was really concerned about raising capital for the firm in the European, Middle East and African markets thereby establishing significant business relations. He delivered robust and workable marketing strategies for the firm during his time at the firm.

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Peter Briger is the a Financial Expert Working at Fortress Investment Group

Today, Peter Briger is well-known for his success in the financial industry, most notably his position at Fortress Investment Group. Over the years, Peter has helped the company become a major contender in the market, with more than 70 billions dollars worth of assets being controlled for their clients and investors around the world. Peter calls home to San Fransisco in the US, where he maintains his position at Fortress Investment Group as Co-Chairman. Despite the highs and lows that the company has had over the years, like all companies, Peter Briger has managed to use his financial strategies to great success, contributing to as much as 30 percent of the companies annual profits. Not only is he sought after for his advice and strategies when it comes to the financial industry, but he a prominent business figure that many people look up to.

After completing his education at the Wharton School of Business and Princeton University, tons of opportunities opened themselves up to Peter Briger, though he focused his efforts primarily on the financial industry and investing. Before finding a place at Fortress Investment Group, Peter maintained a position at Goldman Sachs, which is where he built his reputation for more than a decade. Despite his lucrative career and prominent position at Goldman, Peter was determined to do something even greater, which is why he co-founded Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger’s exceptional financial capabilities are what has enabled him to rise above the competition and reach such a renowned position. Back during the financial crisis of 2008, Peter managed to flourish while many other individuals and companies went under because they could not cope. Peter Briger used the crisis as an opportunity to build up his investments. Peter likes to consider himself an angel investor as well and has even become one of the leading investors for Wauwa today. Various companies have invited Peter to their boards over the years, including CNBC, and the Tipping Point Community.


How the Fortress Investment group is growing its portfolio

The Fortress Investment group has been an asset management company since it was founded two decades ago. The group has grown from a modest 400 million dollar asset under management to over 40 billion dollars today. This growth has been facilitated by good management as well as an ability to diversify their portfolio at every juncture. Its three founding members had a vision that the company would grow, but may never have anticipated the level of success it has found today. All three had an extensive financial background, and this was one of the key reasons why they believed the company would succeed.

As an asset management company, the Fortress Investment Group has various areas where it has developed sufficient expertise and are therefore able to invest continuously in the same. The group has an interest in media, real estate, finance, and transport & infrastructure. These areas have been of much interest to the group investing in them with equity and in credit terms. One of the most recent investments in the Transport and infrastructure area by the Fortress Investment Group was through Brightline. This is a private railroad company based in Florida. The company specializes in the provision of passenger trains in areas that are considered too short to fly yet too long to drive. This year the company introduced the Miami-Fort Lauderdale route which has been in the works for a number of years. Following the announcement, a few things became immediately clear to the commuters of this route. To know more about the company click here.

The journey would cut down from two hours during rush hour to thirty-five minute. The passenger train is not subject to traffic or such like elements, and thus its speed remains unaffected during these times. The train will have specific hours, which gives commuters an ability to plan their time; this includes those who use the early morning and late evening trains. The ride will cost ten dollars, which is relatively cheaper than the cost of an Uber while avoiding all the inconveniences of traveling by road. The train will also offer commuters free WIFI and charging ports. In this day and age where everyone wants to remain connected the Fortress Investment Group through Brightline ensured that this was achieved through a partnership with internet providers. The train are built to the highest American standards was also equipped with all leather seats to achieve maximum comfort as well as wide aisles to ensure it’s not cramped.


Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Eminem’s Homophobic Slurs


In a recent interview, the American radio presenter, and television personality Charlamagne Tha God talked about Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze.” Charmalagne stated he was pleased with the attention he was receiving. Moreover, Charlamagne enjoys the attention he has received from other rappers because it means he has made it.


For Charmalagne Tha God, it really doesn’t matter if he is being dissed or praised because he loves the attention he got from rappers like Chingy and, most recently, Eminem. Still, there is something Charmalagne disliked from Eminem’s new album: the homophobic slurs he throws at Tyler the Creator. He is certain that Eminem doesn’t care about disrespecting the LGBTQ community.


Charmalagne knows Eminem has the freedom of speech to talk about any topic he likes, still, that doesn’t mean he can’t be held accountable for the things he said about Tyler the Creator especially when Tyler had a really hard time coming out as a bisexual (Eminem intentionally cited something Tyler said in regards to himself). Charmalagne also said that when Eminem throws a homophobic slur he is not only talking about Tyler because he is also referencing to an entire community. See This Article to learn more.


Charlamagne Tha God said he is completely on board with Eminem using his white privilege to diss Donald Trump. Additionally, he proclaimed that Eminem’s political lyrics are more organic in “Kamikaze” than in “Revival.” He is completely sure that Eminem’s pieces are a reflection of the time America is living. Since everybody is talking about Trump, wouldn’t Eminem do it? Overall, Charmalagne enjoyed “Kamikaze” and he is thrilled to hear Eminem’s new work.


Over the years, Charmalagne (his real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey) has made an important career for himself. He is the co-host of the radio show The Breakfast Club which he makes with both DJ Envy and Angela Yee. He is also an actor who has starred in the TV show Guy Code, Guy Court, and Girl Code. Moreover, he works as a VJ in The Week in Jams. From 2015, he has been hosting the show Uncommon Sense and he previously appeared in The Wendy Williams Experience..


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Betsy DeVos Continues To Dedicate Her Life To The Service Of The American People

Betsy DeVos recently surprised many people when she made a visit to a charter school with the rapper Pitbull. The rapper, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, is mainly known for his profane rap music, but many others know him as the man who has started up a set of charter schools. DeVos made the appearance with Pitbull because she supports charter schools, private schools, and the rights of Americans to be able to choose where they send their kids to school.


While some were confused by the visit, others were not; mainly because they know Betsy DeVos is the kind of woman who will do what needs to be done to help the American people. She was recently made the Secretary of Education for the United States, and she has been working hard since day one to see the changes she envisions for her country. She also visited an all-girls charter school in Washington and was joined by Queen Rania of Jordan and Melania Trump. She made a comment after the visit about how well the charter school has been doing to serve the needs of the kids who attend it. She also pointed out how beneficial it can be when parents have the opportunity to send their children to a school that they choose.


Betsy DeVos is proud to have been a part of the educational choice movement before it gained the attention it has today. In the past, the movement has been seen as radical and outside of the box, but she never let any criticism deter her from her goal. When asked if she was happy with the progress that the movement has made, she pointed to statistics which state that 250,000 students are able to attend schools of their family’s choosing due to a spread of publicly funded programs all over the U.S.A. She also commented that new states are joining in to offer their residents educational choice, and some of these include Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Hampshire.


Betsy DeVos has dedicated a good portion of her life to the educational choice movement, which hopes to see American families being able to use public funding to pay for the tuition costs of their children so they can attend a private or charter school. She not only donates her time to the cause but has supported it through millions of dollars of donations. Today, she is working with people from both sides of the political aisle in order to make the United States a better place for the people that call the country their home.


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